Location:           western Europe

Capital:                                  Paris

Status:                     Independent

Plates:                owner provided

Drive:                        on the right






Oval,  ISO:                   F,  FR

Area:                    547026 km²

Population:                    59 m

Vehicles:                         32 m

First Reg’n:           1893/1901






(a)   Normal series plates since 1st January 1993 must be black on reflective white (front) and reflective yellow (rear).  Although not mandatory most newer plates have a blue euroband at the left with the European Union flag above the letter F. The registration consists of a serial of two to four numerals and two letters followed by a department code of two numerals (except in Corsica), see Table 1.   Once  9999 ZZ  has been reached this is followed by a serial of two or three numerals and three letters, commencing from  11 AAA.   Paris was the first in 1974 (commencing thus from  1 AAA 75),  since followed by several other departments.

       On two line plates the serial number is on the upper line.   The letters I, O and U are not used, before 1993, see paragraph (u).

       Trailers over 500 kg are required to have their own normal series registration, but smaller trailers display that of the prime mover.

       The President of France uses normal Paris, code 75, registrations.


(b)   Buses are registered in the normal series, except in Paris, where the Paris Public Transport Authority uses special registrations.   Since 1993 these plates are in reflective format, with a two, three or four digit number. Two and three digit numbers are allocated to specific vehicles, as light township shuttles, driving school buses, etc…. The number depends on the type of vehicle (e.g. buses of the “Agora” model have numbers in the same block).   Older numbers from old buses are reallocated to new ones.

(c)   Trade and provisional plates are similar to the normal series except that the letters are reserved:  the single letter W for use by garages,  and WW, or WWA-WWZ, for provisional plates, valid for two weeks, for vehicles awaiting normal registrations.   In particular situations several departments have issued provisional plates in a non-standard format, but always including the letters WW and the departmental code number.

       Vehicles which will be travelling outside France have the department code preceded by WW1 if in cab and chassis form, leaving to have the bodywork completed.

       Since 1st September 2002, complete vehicles leaving France finally, or diplomatic vehicles awaiting diplomatic registrations have three numerals  (possibly four in future),  WxE or WxL  (where ‘x’ is a serial letter and L = local = European Union, E = externe = other countries),  and the department code.

       Official vehicle provisional plates have a serial number and the letters WWD, whilst military provisional plates have the letter W followed by a five digit serial number, usually without the insignia prefix.

(d)   Official vehicles have black on reflective white and yellow plates, with the code for the department, see Table 1, a letter for the permitted area of operation, a hyphen (often omitted), a four digit serial starting at 1001, and a serial letter (other than I or O) starting from A.   The first letter has the following significance:

       D     Departmentally and in adjoining departments only

       E     France and other countries within the European Union

       N     Nationally within France (mostly Police)

       R     Regionally and in adjoining Regions only

(e)   Agricultural tractors have white plates with a black serial number of up to five digits followed by, or above, the department code;  these plates are now usually embossed (and sometimes in black on yellow) although formerly hand-painted or stencilled.   All tractors belonging to one farm have the same number.

(f)   Since 1980 military vehicles have had plates with two groups of four numerals, the first group originally frequently smaller than the second.   All current plates have eight numerals of the same size without a space between the two groups.   Plates were generally white on black and either stencilled or embossed, but many vehicles now have reflective plates.  The service is indicated by an insignia:

         tricolour only                                                       Army and Common Services

         grenadine across tricolour                                Gendarmerie

         anchor across tricolour                                      Navy

         wings across tricolour                                       Air Force                                                         -91

         roundel and wings                                              Air Force                                                         91-

         sword on tricolour                                              Army                                                                90-

         ships bows above MARINE NATIONALE         Navy                                                            90-01

         DGA on white of tricolour                                  General Armaments Delegation                   91-

         SAM on white of tricolour                                  Military Supplies Service                             91-

         caduceus on white of tricolour                         Army Health Service                                     92-

         winged dividers above SAACMA                Army Ministry Central vehicle dept.          98-

         CAD on tricolour                                                  Central Administration                                 00-

         DCN on tricolour                                                  Naval Construction department                  01-

The second group of numerals is serial within year and vehicle type, but the first group is coded:  the first numeral indicates the service (see Table 3a), the second and third are the year of registration (e.g. 92 = 1992), whilst the fourth indicates the type of vehicle (see Table 3b).

         Some gendarmerie boat trailers have been seen with RPMB and four numerals in white on black: The first two numerals indicate the year but it is not known if the next two are serial numbers for a given year  (e.g. RPMB 7712, 7902 or 8106).   It is not also known whether this series is still in use.

(g)   Temporary plates for vehicles temporarily imported, or purchased tax free for subsequent export, or even hired by foreign citizens, have had silver on red plates with up to up to three numerals and TAA to TZZ, allocated in blocks to various manufacturers, and followed by the department code.   At the right of the plate is the month, in numbers, above the last two digits of the year of validity.

         TAA - TCZ        other makes  (any department)         TMA                  Daimler-Chrysler  (Yvelines)

         TDA - TKZ        Peugeot  (Hauts-de-Seine)                TVA - TZZ        Citroën  (Paris)

         TLA - TSZ         Renault  (Hauts-de-Seine)

       Since 1st January 1988 similar plates but with the letters IT have been issued to foreign cultural staff and the like.   These have also been noted without the date indication.

       Similarly coloured plates are issued for use as normal registrations in the two “Free Zones” north and south of Geneva.   Up to five numerals are followed by the letters TTQ (Haute-Savoie) or TTW (Gex, department of Ain).

(h)   Diplomatic plates were changed in 1965 to the present complex system.  The registration consists of a code number indicating the Embassy or Organization (see Table 2, column 1), one of the following code letters and a serial number:

       CMD    Chief of Diplomatic Mission

       CD       Members of the Diplomatic Corps


these plates are orange on green

       C          Consular officials attached to Consulates

       K         Consular officials attached to Embassies

                      and administrative and technical staff


these plates are silver or white

     on green

In the case of the C series, a period and the department code follows the serial number, although the period is often omitted.

       Members of delegations to International Organizations have a code letter prefixing a normal diplomatic registration, in addition to which 200 is added to the normal Embassy code (see Table 2, column 2):

              E     O.E.C.D.                      S     Council of Europe

              N    N.A.T.O.  -70               U    U.N.E.S.C.O.

       Vehicles bought normally in France or imported have the letter X after the registration if not exempt from duty.

       Note:  diplomatic plates are frequently made in the incorrect colours;  orange characters are used on all series.

(j)    Paris Fire Brigade have a special series of plates which are normal reflective colours.   The registration consists of an alphabetic code denoting the vehicle class (see Table 8) and a serial number of up to three digits.

(k)   Mopeds and small motorcycles under 125 cc are not required to be registered and therefore do not carry plates of any description.

(l)    Several vehicles have been noted in the area of Vimy Memorial Park at Vimy Ridge near Lens, which was donated by the people of France as a tribute to the Canadian dead of the First World War.   These have British style plates with two pairs of numerals and the letters XG. They are not issued by French authorities but by Canadian ones very likely.

Note:  see also French Forces in Germany and German Forces in France.


(p)    Normal series plates were originally issued with up to three  numerals (only Paris use 4 numérals), a single letter and the department code.   Prior to 1st January 1993, for normal and official series and Paris buses, reflective plates were optional and generally only used on commercial vehicles;  formerly plates were black with white or silver lettering.


(z)     1893-1901   France may have issued the first plates of all:  the Paris Police Ordinance of 14th August 1893 states that “Each motor vehicle shall bear on a metal plate and in legible writing the name and address of the owner, also a distinctive number used in the application for authorization. This plate shall be fixed at the left hand side of the vehicle and shall never be hidden.”   However, we have been unable to get any further confirmation or information from any French authority;  also the description suggests that it is not a registration plate in the general sense described herein.

         1899-1941   bicycles and motorcycles carried metal plates with the year of validity; alone for bicycles, with MOTOCYCLE for the latter, or with SERVICE PUBLIC for both if in public use.   The name and address of the owner was inscribed on the plate.

(y)    1901-28   normal series were white on black with up to four numerals, a code letter (see Table 4) (the letter being doubled later) and a serial number.

         All areas followed the following system,  although the dates relate only to the Paris area:

           1901-02   up to three numerals and one letter;

           1902-03   up to three numerals and two letters;

           1903-10   up to three numerals, one letter and one numeral (2 - 9);

           1910-14   four numerals and one letter;

           1914-28   four numerals, one letter, one numeral (1 - 9);

           1928 only   three numerals, one letter and two numerals;

Strasbourg added by 1920, Tunisia by 1924,  Algeria by 1925 and Morocco by 1926.

(x)     1909   W series commenced with a serial number, W and a code number for the office (see Table 5):  for tax exempt vehicles (test vehicles, freight trucks at the time).

         1920   WW series commenced with a serial number, WW and a code number for the office (see Table 5): initially only for vehicles intended to export.   In 1923 WW series included in addition the delivery of vehicles across the French territory, with the same coding;  the following year (1924) codes WW1 to WW17 became reserved for delivery within France, whilst WW20 was created for the sole purpose of exported vehicles.  Time of validity was 10 days.

         1923-40   French army vehicles had white on black plates with one letter, the tricolour and up to six numerals issued in blocks to areas (see Table 9).   Vehicles requisitioned after September 1939 had similar plates but the letter and flag were frequently omitted.   Similar registrations were used by the Free French Forces during the war and continued after liberation.

(w)    Oct 28   white on black plates with up to four numerals, two letters issued in blocks to Departments (see Table 7), and later  one serial number from 1 to 9. Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia  used  two digit serial numbers after 9 has been reached. Trade plates had up to four numerals, W or WW, and a code number (see Table 5).

         Oct 33-55  First Temporary  series commenced, plates were white on red, a serial number (up to four numerals), the letters TT, the last digit of the year of issue, and a letter denoting the “port” (see Table 6). It is specified that the series also applied to the free zones between France and Switzerland. They used the codes 1Q (Savoie) and 1W to 9W (Gex).

         1933-55 diplomatic vehicles had silver on yellow plates with the letters CD a serial number of up to four numerals and a letter denoting the "port" (see Table 6), Later these were black on green in the same format.

(v)     1939/40   in Paris:  DP and a low serial number in white on black used by the “Défense Passive”.

         1940-44   French military plates in Vichy controlled areas had white on black plates with up to four numerals, two code letters for the Military Region (see Table 10a) and one or two numerals for the vehicle type (Table 10b).

         16 Aug 40 - 10 Jan 45   diplomats in Vichy France used silver on yellow plates with the letters CD, a number from 1 to 289 and the letters NH (for Puy de Dôme).   From 6th June 1942 diplomatic vehicles on which tax had been paid had similar plates with CD, a number from 1 to 23 and the letter Z.   Such plates remained in use until at least 1951.

         Aug 44   a press photograph shows a ‘light on dark’ plate with  VE 13 ZG  on a car:  VE 17 NU  is also known.   Nothing further is known about these plates.

(u)           Apr 50   current series commenced;  initially up to three numerals (only Paris used 4 numerals from the

beginning). Letter I and O have never been used.

         The President had the special Paris registrations  1 - 500 PR 75  reserved for his use, of which the numbers 1 - 5 PR 75  were on his official vehicles.

         Oct 50   departments 13, 33, 59, 69 and 78 allowed to use up to four numerals.

                Aug 51   those departments originally issued with codes 1 to 9 changed to 01 - 09  (1 - 9 remained valid

for already issued plates).

         Jul 54   departments 62 and 76 allowed to use up to four numerals.

         Mar 55-65 diplomatic vehicles had silver on green plates with the department code, the letters IT and a serial number of up to four numerals (later 5 numerals). CD oval is added to the plate.

         Nov 58   current W and WW series commenced.

         Jun 65   all remaining departments allowed to use up to four numerals, starting with 31.   Most departments started to issue up to four serial digits on reaching QA (see Table 11).

         1965-67   Paris region reorganized:  May 1965:  codes 91 and 95 commenced;  Oct 1965:  code 94;  Feb 67:  code 93 and  code 92 commenced.

         1973-93   the letter U has not been used since 1984 through 1991 progressively (as early as 1973 for departments 75, 92, 93, and 94).   Between 1975 and 1993 the letter Q was not used in departments 75, 92, 93, 94, and 95.

         26 Mar 74   Paris reached  9999 ZZ 75  and issued  1 AAA 75.

         Jan 76   Corsica reorganized:  codes 2A and 2B replaced 20,  which ended at  292 GJ 20.

         1976-   Paris reached BAA;  for subsequent issues refer to Table 11.

         1989   departments outside Paris commenced three letters,  see table at right.

         1992  exceptionally, Savoie, department 73, issued plates with the letters JO (Jeux Olympiques)  for use on vehicles connected with the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville.

         1 Jan 93   reflective plates mandatory for new registrations.

         Sep 99   experimental provisional export plates commenced using WxE and WxL to indicate destination;  prior to this date this class of vehicles had a serial number, WW2, and the department code.

         1 Sep 02   WW2 discontinued and WxE and WxL series applied to all departments.

(t)     1945   first official series commenced in white on black but with five numerals and D.

         Jan 1955-84 former temporary series commenced with a serial number of up to four numerals the letters TT and the department code;  they were white on red, but undated, the year of validity being displayed in white on a red oval at the rear of the vehicle but occasionally on the plate itself. (later a letter is added after 9999 TT is reached).

91    Essonne            02 Jan 89

95    Val d’Oise          03 Jul 89

77    Seine-et-Marne 21 Jan 91

38    Isère                16 Mar 93

92    Hauts-de-Seine 13 Dec 94

78    Yvelines             07 Jul 95

57    Moselle             29 Sep 97

06    Alpes-Maritime 16 Jun 98

44    Loire-Atlantique 20 Jul 98

31    Haute-Garonne 22 Oct 98

59    Nord                22 Mar 00

83    Var                   25 Aug 00

51    Marne              14 Mar 01

67    Bas-Rhin           18 Jan 02

35    Ille-et-Vilaine   20 Sep 02

34    Hérault             17 Oct 02



         1959   official series extended to five numerals followed by  DA, DB, DE, DF, DG, DH or DJ  (for which 10001 to 29999 were for central administration, e.g. police,  and 30001 to 99999 for other administrations).   DC (all serials) was reserved for Central Government Departments.   DZ was reserved for overseas departments and territories.

         1960s   PP and up to six numerals in white on black used in Paris for the Préfecture de Police.   Police motorcycles in Paris had a plain serial number in black on white.

         1945-68   see Allied Forces in France for SHAPE vehicles.

         1980   current military series introduced.   From 1960 plates were similar to the current series but with only three code numerals:  the first numeral (see Table 3a) and the last as now, but with the middle numeral being the last digit of the year.   Plates were invariably white on black and those on gendarmerie motorcycles had the upper corners cut away.

         Jan 84   former temporary series commenced, still in white on red, with up to three numerals, TTA to TTZ, and the department code;   the month and year of validity were placed to the right of the plate as at present.

         Jan 84 - Dec 87   Foreign cultural staff, etc., used plates similar to the present IT series (see paragraph (g)) but with the letters TTT.

         1984.   The current series for Free Zones started at this date with the issue of 9000 TTQ following 8999 TT1Q and 10000 TTW following 9999 TT9W.

         Jan 88   IT series commenced.

         1990-92   new military insignia introduced.

         1991-94   exceptionally, temporary series were issued with TxT only in Hauts-de-Seine, department 92.

         1992   current official series commenced.

         1993-   reflective plates become progressively mandatory for military and official series.

         Jan 94 current temporary series commenced with up to three numerals, the letter T and two serial letters and the department code. the month and year of validity were placed to the right of the plate.

         -2001   diplomatic and consular vehicles bought normally in France or imported after payment of customs duty had the letter X after the registration;  otherwise letter was Z for vehicles exempt from customs duty.   It was permitted to omit the letter Z, which was almost invariably the case, as most vehicles were in this category.

Table 1

01      Ain                            (Bourg-en-Bresse)    ra

02      Aisne                                             (Laon)   pd

03      Allier                                        (Moulins)   au

04      Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 70-

                                              (Digne-les-Bains)    ca

05      Hautes-Alpes                                 (Gap)    ca

06      Alpes-Maritime                             (Nice)    ca

07      Ardèche                                      (Privas)    ra

08      Ardennes           (Charleville-Mézières)   ch

09      Ariège                                             (Foix)  mp

10      Aube                                          (Troyes)   ch

11      Aude                                (Carcassonne)     lr

12      Aveyron                                      (Rodez)  mp

13      Bouches-du-Rhône              (Marseille)    ca

14      Calvados                                       (Caen)   bn

15      Cantal                                       (Aurillac)   au

16      Charente                            (Angoulême)   pc

17      Charente-Maritime 41-*  (La Rochelle)   pc

18      Cher                                         (Bourges)    ce

19      Corrèze                                          (Tulle)    lm

          Corse  [Corsica]:  * -76

2A     Corse-du-Sud  76-                   (Ajaccio)   co

2B     Haute-Corse  76-                        (Bastia)   co

21      Côte-d’Or                                     (Dijon)   bg

22      Côtes d’Armor  90-*       (Saint-Brieuc)    br

23      Creuse                                         (Guéret)    lm

24      Dordogne                             (Périgueux)   aq

25      Doubs                                   (Besançon)    fc

26      Drôme                                       (Valence)    ra

27      Eure                                             (Evreux)   hn

28      Eure-et-Loir                             (Chartres)    ce

29      Finistère                                  (Quimper)    br

30      Gard                                             (Nîmes)     lr

31      Haute-Garonne                     (Toulouse)  mp

32      Gers                                               (Auch)  mp

33      Gironde                                  (Bordeaux)   aq

34      Hérault                               (Montpellier)     lr

35      Ille-et-Vilaine                            (Rennes)    br

36      Indre                                 (Châteauroux)    ce

37      Indre-et-Loire                              (Tours)    ce

38      Isère                                        (Grenoble)    ra

39      Jura                             (Lons-le-Saunier)    fc

40      Landes                     (Mont-de-Marsan)   aq

41      Loir-et-Cher                                  (Blois)    ce

42      Loire                                (Saint-Etienne)    ra

43      Haute-Loire              (Le Puy-en-Velay)   au

44      Loire-Atlantique  57-*             (Nantes)    pl

45      Loiret                                         (Orléans)    ce


46      Lot                                            (Cahors)    mp

47      Lot-et-Garonne                          (Agen)     aq

48      Lozère                                      (Mende)       lr

49      Maine-et-Loire                       (Angers)      pl

50      Manche                                 (Saint-Lô)    bn

51      Marne        (Chalons-en-Champagne)     ch

52      Haute-Marne                     (Chaumont)     ch

53      Mayenne                                    (Laval)      pl

54      Meurthe-et-Moselle               (Nancy)      ln

55      Meuse                               (Bar-le-Duc)      ln

56      Morbihan                                (Vannes)     br

57      Moselle                                       (Metz)      ln

58      Nièvre                                      (Nevers)    bg

59      Nord                                              (Lille)    np

60      Oise                                      (Beauvais)    pd

61      Orne                                       (Alençon)    bn

62      Pas de Calais                             (Arras)    np

63      Puy-de-Dôme       (Clermont-Ferrand)     au

64      Pyrénées-Atlantiques  69-*        (Pau)     aq

65      Hautes-Pyrénées                    (Tarbes)    mp

66      Pyrénées-Orientales         (Perpignan)       lr

67      Bas-Rhin                           (Strasbourg)      al

68      Haut-Rhin                                (Colmar)      al

69      Rhône                                          (Lyon)      ra

70      Haute-Saône                           (Vesoul)      fc

71      Saône-et-Loire                        (Mâcon)    bg

72      Sarthe                                    (Le Mans)      pl

73      Savoie  [Savoy]                 (Chambéry)      ra

74      Haute-Savoie                        (Annecy)      ra

75      Paris  65-*                                    (Paris)       if

76      Seine-Maritime  55-*               (Rouen)    hn

77      Seine-et-Marne                        (Melun)       if

78      Yvelines  65-*                     (Versailles)       if

79      Deux-Sèvres                               (Niort)     pc

80      Somme                                    (Amiens)    pd

81      Tarn                                               (Albi)    mp

82      Tarn-et-Garonne            (Montauban)    mp

83      Var                                            (Toulon)     ca

84      Vaucluse                              (Avignon)     ca

85      Vendée                 (La Roche-sur-Yon)      pl

86      Vienne                                     (Poitiers)     pc

87      Haute-Vienne                       (Limoges)     lm

88      Vosges                                      (Épinal)      ln

89      Yonne                                     (Auxerre)    bg

90      Territoire-de-Belfort               (Belfort)      fc

91      Essonne  65-*                             (Evry)       if

92      Hauts-de-Seine  67-*          (Nanterre)       if

93      Seine-Saint-Denis  67-*      (Bobigny)       if

94      Val-de-Marne  65-*                 (Créteil)       if

95      Val d’Oise  65-*                   (Pontoise)       if


*      obsolete codes and names

04    {Basses-Alpes  -70}    ca

17    {Charente-

           Inférieure  -41}         pc

20    Corse [Corsica]  -76

                           (Ajaccio)   co

22    {Côtes-du-Nord  -90}             br

44    {Loire-Inférieure  -57} pl

75    Seine  -65        (Paris)    if

64    {Basses-Pyrénées -69} aq

76    {Seine-Inférieur  -55}              hn

78    Seine-et-Oise  -65

                        (Versailles)    if

91-94   Algeria  51-57

                              see Algeria


al       Alsace

au      Auvergne

aq      Aquitaine

bg      Bourgogne


bn      Basse-Normandie

             [Lower Normandy]

br       Bretagne [Brittany]

ca       Provence-

             Alpes-Côte d’Azur

ce       Centre-Val de Loire

ch      Champagne-Ardenne

co      Corse [Corsica]

fc       Franche-Comté

hn      Haute-Normandie

             [Upper Normandy]

if        Île-de-France

lm      Limousin

ln       Lorraine

lr        Languedoc-


mp     Midi-Pyrénées

np      Nord-Pas-de-Calais

pc      Pitou-Charentes

pd      Picardie

pl       Pays de la Loire

ra       Rhône-Alpes



Table 2


1     Afghanist.

2     S.Africa

3     Albania

4     Algeria

5     Germany

6     U.S.A.

7     Egypt

8     S.Arabia

9     Argentina

10   Australia


11   Austria

12   Belgium

13   Myanmar

14   Bolivia

15   Bhutan

16   Brazil

17   Bulgaria

18   Burundi

19   Cambodia

20   Cameroon

21   Canada

22   C.A.R.


23   Sri Lanka

24   Chile

25   Taiwan

26   China

27   Cyprus

28   Colombia

29   Congo R.

30   D.R.Congo

31   Korea, R.

32   C.Rica

33   C.d’Ivoire

34   Cuba


35   Benin

36   Denmark

37   Dom. Rep.

38   El Salvador

39   Ecuador

40   Spain

41   Ethiopia

42   Finland

43   Gabon

44   Ghana

45   U.K.

46   Greece


47   Guatemala

48   Guinea

49   Haiti

50   Burk. Faso

51   Honduras

52   Hungary

53   India

54   Indonesia

55   Iraq 

56   Iran

57   Ireland

58   Iceland


59   Israel

60   Italy

61   Jamaica

62   Japan

63   Jordan

64   Kenya

65   Kuwait

66   Laos

67   Lebanon

68   Liberia

69   Libya

70   Liechtenst.


71   Luxemb’g

72   Malaysia

73   Malawi

74   Madagasc.

75   Mali

76   Morocco

77   Mauritania

78   Mexico

79   Monaco

80   Nepal

81   Nicaragua

82   Niger


83   Nigeria

84   Norway

85   N.Zealand

86   Uganda

87   Pakistan

88   Panama

89   Paraguay

90   Netherl’ds

91   Peru

92   Philippines

93   Poland

94   Portugal



95   Rhodesia

96   Romania

97   Rwanda

98   S.Marino

99   Vatican

100  Senegal

101  S.Leone

102  Somalia

103  Sudan

104  Sweden

105  Switzerl’d

106  Syria

107  Tanzania

108  Chad

109  Czechosl.

110  Thailand

111  Togo

112  Trinidad

113  Tunisia

114  Turkey

115  Russia

116  Uruguay

117  Venezuela

118  Vietnam

119  Yemen

120  Serbia & M

121  Zambia

122  Mauritius

123  Mongolia

124  P.D.R.Y.

125  Banglad’sh

126  Qatar

127  U.A.E.

128  G.D.R.

129  Singapore

130  Oman

131  Bahrain

132  D.P.R.K

133  Seychelles

134  Malta

135  Djibouti

136  Comoros

137  Angola

138  Eq.Guinea

139  Zimbabwe

140  C.Verde

141  Gu.Bissau

142  Mozamb’q

143  ?

144  St Lucia

145  Gambia

146  Brunei

147  ?

148  Belize

149  Namibia

150  Estonia

151  Latvia

152  Lithuania

153  Ukraine

154-160  ?

161  P.N.G.

162-164  ?

165  Slovenia

166  Croatia

167  Slovakia

168  Czech R.

169  Bosnia-H.

170  Macedonia

171  Armenia

172  Belarus

173  Kazakhst.

174  Georgia

175  Turkmen.

176  Iraq 

177  Uzbekist.

178  Azerbaijan

179  Andorra

180  Eritrea

181  Moldova

190  Québec

191  Int. Court

         of Justice

193  D.P.R.K *

194  ?

195  Palestine


200  France



      as 1-180

      (see para.h)



   only at


   Interests Sect-

     ion at embassy

     of Morocco

*   commercial





401  U.N.E.S.C.O

402  O.E.C.D.

403  N.A.T.O.

404  E.L.D.O.

405  E.S.R.O.

406  Rhine Navigation


407  I.C.A.O.

408  I.B.R.D.

409  I.M.F.

410  U.N.I.C.E.F

411  U.N.I.C.

412  I.L.O.

413  W.E.U.

414  U.N.H.C.R.

415  E.U.



416  Eur. Atomic Energy Community

417  Eur. Coal & Steel Community

418  Eur. & Mediterranean Org’n for

          Plant Protection

419  Int’l Meteorological Organization

420  Eurocontrol

421  Int’l Office for Vineyards & Wine

422  International Exhibitions Bureau

423  Inter-American Development Bank

424  International Polar Institute

425  Inter-African Coffee Organization

426  International Conference for

          African Insurance

427  African & Madagascan Coffee Org’n

428  Franco-German Office

429  Inter-gov’t Copper Export Council



430  West African Central Bank

431  Eur. Nuclear Research Conference

432  Interpol  (Int’l Criminal Police Org’n)

433  Cultural & Techn’l Co-op. Agency

434  Int’l Weights & Measures Bureau

435  Eur. Laboratory for Molecular Biology

436  Arab Bank for Economic

          Development in Africa

437  U.N. Programme for the


439  Int’l Centre for the Registration of

          Serial Publications

440  Eutelstat  (European Television

          Satellite Organization)

441  Latin Union

442  ?



443  Central African States Central Bank

444  Int’l Cancer Research Unit

445  ?

446  ?

448  European Court of Human Rights



500  Other Persons of High Diplomatic


501- Delegates to the Vietnam

 504   Peace Conference  (??-73)

505  Int’l Conf. on Economic



600  Council of Europe

700  Int’l Cancer Research Institute

800  N.A.T.O.  (65-70)


Table 3a


2      Army and Gendarmerie 60 -69

2      Gendarmerie                    89-

3      Air Force                     60-69

4      Navy                            60-69

5      Common Services        60-69

6      Army, Gendarmerie     70-88

6      Army                               89-

7      Air Force                         70-

8      Navy                                70-

9      Common Services            70-



Table 5


Table 3b


                                new  built

cars and coaches         1    5

vans                            2    6

lorries, tractors,

   machines                  3    7

armoured vehicles       4    8

motorcycles                9    9

2 & 4 wheel trailers    0    0


Table 4


A      Alès

AL    Algeria

B      Bordeaux

C      Chalons-sur-

            Saône  -19

C      Lyon  19-

D      Douai

E       Paris

F       Clermont


G       Paris

H       Grenoble  -19

H       Lyon  19-


I        Paris

J1      Strasbourg  22-

J2      Colmar 22-

J3      Metz  22-

K       Poitiers  09-19

K       Bordeaux  19-

L       Le Mans  -19

L       Nantes  19-

M      Marseille

MA   Morocco

N       Nancy

O       Nancy  09-

P       Poitiers  -19

P       Bordeaux  19-

R       Arras


S        St Etienne

T       Toulouse

TU    Tunisia

U       Paris

V       Marseille  04-

W      provisional

            (see Table 5)

X       Paris

Y       Rouen

Z       Rouen



VI-A     Strasbourg

VI-B     Colmar

VI-C     Metz



W0    Paris  1945-59

W1    Paris  (1e Arron-

            Disement)  -45

W2    Arras

W3    Bordeaux

W4    Châlons-sur-

             Saône  -19

W4    Lyon  19-44

W5    Grenoble  -19


W5    Strasbourg  22-

W6    Clermont


W7    Douai

W8    Le Mans  -19

W8    Nantes  19-

W9    Marseille

W10  Nancy

W11  Poitiers  -19


W11  Lyon  45-59

W12  Paris (2e Arron-

            Disement)  -45

W13  St Etienne

W14  Toulouse

W15  Alès

W16  Algeria 25-

W17  Tunisia  24-

W18  Morocco  26-



Table 6


A       Dunkerque

B       Calais

C,D   Boulogne

E       Dieppe

F,G   Le Havre

H,J    Cherbourg



I       Strasbourg  50-

K     St Nazaire

L      La Rochelle

M    Bordeaux

N     Bayonne

P      Sète

R     Toulon

S      Marseille



T    Nice

U    Villefranche

V    Lyon

X,Y,Z   Paris


“zone franche”

Q    Haute-Savoie

W   Ain




Table 7


AB   01

AF    02

AN   03

AR   04

AS    05

AT   07

AV   08

AZ   09

BA   06


BN   10

BT    11

BX   12

BZ    90

CA   13

CB    13

CT    14

CZ    15

DB   16

DG   17

DN   18


DR   19

DT   20

DU   21

EA    22

ED    23

EG    24

EK    25

ES     27

FA    26

FE    28

FJ     29


FN    30

FS     31

FY    32

GA   33

GC   33

GP    34

GV   35

HA   36

HD   37

HK   38

HR   39


HU   40

HX   41

JA    42

JG    43

JH    44

JP     45

JT     46

JV     47

JZ     48

KA   49

KF    50


KJ    51

KQ   52

KS    53

KU   54

LA    55

LE    56

LH    57

LP    58

LS     60

MB  59

MD  59


ME   59

MX  61

NA   62

NB   62

NH   63

NM  64

NS    65

NT   66

NV   67

PB    68

PF    69


PG    69

QA   70

QD   71

QJ    72

QN   73

QR   74

QU   77




 RS   75


XA   76

XB   76

XL    79

XP    80

XV   81



YS    82

YU   83

ZA   84

ZE    85


ZH   86

ZL    87

ZQ   88

ZU   89



The numbers

are the current



(see Table 1).

AL    Algeria

IF     French India

MA  Morocco

MC  Monaco


TU   Tunisia

W     dealer

WW  provisional


Other codes were allocated but never issued.



Table 8


AR        cardiac aid ambulance

BEA      high level inspection trk    -90s

CA        accessory lorry

CAR      staff bus                        90s-

CB         dumper truck                90s-

CC         petrol tanker

CDE      accident rescue light van

CDMP   pumping hose truck      -90s

CE         foam tanker

CESD    propping, salvage &

               clearing truck              90s-

CET      shoring up materials trk -90s

CG         mobile crane

CI          tanker truck                  90s-

CMF      lift/winch equipment truck

CMH     high pressure oxygen trk   -90s

CMI      buried persons rescue truck

CMIR    radiological incident van             90s-

CO        oxygen truck                90s-

CPB      floating barrage carrying truck


CRAC    reserve compressed air van

CSL       rubber dinghy trailer      -90s

DEP      breakdown vehicle

EATT   cross-country

               automatic trailer         -90s

EMP     motorized ladder on carrier

EP         extending ladder

EPA      automated pivoting ladder trk

EPSA    semi-auto. pivoting ladder trk

ESI        flood punt

F           fire tender                     -80s

FA         fire support tender

FC         compressor van            -90s

FE         evacuation tender

FEV       generator/ventilator van

FM        general fire tender

FP         fire pump                      -90s

FPT      high capacity fire pump -90s

FPTL    light high capacity fire pump

GDP      high pressure hose truck -90s

GREP    search and deep

               exploration truck         90s


LAT      remote-control

               water cannon              -90s

LCM     foam cannon trailer      -90s

LMBA   }  high pressure             -90s

LMBRA   }    sprinkler trailer 90s-00

MPR     motorized pump trailer

PC         mobile command post

PE         ladder carrier

PEV      special ladder carrier     90s-

PF         boat carrier                   90s-

PR         fight general assistance trk -90s

PRM     foam producing truck

PS         fire engine

PSM      foam producing fire engine -90s

PSR       first aid & release truck 90s-

PST       first aid truck                90s-

RM        foam producing trailer  -90s

RP         powder reservoir trailer      

RPOU            "            "        90s-00

RSR       road accident rescue trlr -90s

RSU       emergency rescue trailer -90s

RVAP    anti-pollution trailer     -90s


SIPREL  specialized pick-up

SIS          specialized sub-aqua rescue

SP           general truck

SPC        mobile compressor

SPCT      slideback recovery veh. 90s-

SPF         light van                      90s-

SP CAR  coach

SPG        mobile lubrication crew

SPM       motorcycle

SPR        trailer

SPRC      water trailer

SPRP      machine carrying trailer

SPT        tractor unit

SPVA      small ambulance          90s-

SPVT      small gen’l purpose van 90s-

SPVL      light liason van            -90s

VAP       toxic fluid evacuation tanker

VGD       ‘FC’ with breathing equipment

VID        general rescue vehicle

VLIS       First Aid mini-vehicle

VSAB      ambulance with special




Table 9






M.R.    Military


1 - 9999                     Command  (1st series)

A 1 - A 50000                  1st M.R.  (Lille)

B 50001 - B 100000         2nd M.R.  (Amiens)

C 100001 - C 140000       3rd M.R.  (Rouen)

D 140001 - D 200000      4th M.R.  (Le Mans)

E 200001 - E 250000        5th M.R.  (Orléans)

F 250001 - F 300000        6th M.R.  (Metz)

G 300001 - G 350000      7th M.R.  (Besançon)

H 350001 - H 380000      8th M.R.  (Dijon)

K 1 - K 25000           Command  (4th series, 1940)

L 380001 - L 410000        9th M.R.  (Tours)

M ? - M ?                         10th M.R.    -34

M 1 - M 99999         Command  (2nd series, 1938)

N 410001 - N 450000      11th M.R.  (Nantes)

P ? - P ?                            12th M.R.    -34


P 1 - P 99999            Command  (3rd series, 1939)

R 450001 - R 480000       13th M.R.  (Clermont-Ferrand)

S 480001 - S 510000        14th M.R.  (Lyon)

T 510001 - T 565000       15th M.R.  (Marseille)

U 565001 - U 59000        16th M.R.  (Montpellier)

V 590001 - V 620000       17th M.R.  (Toulouse)

X 620001 - X 680000      18th M.R.  (Bordeaux)

Y 680001 - Y 710000       19th M.R.  (Algeria)

W 710001 - W 750000     20th M.R.  (Nancy)

Z 750001 - Z 840000       Paris M.R.

J 840001 - J 850000         Tunisia

K 850001 - K 900000      Morocco

TL 1 - TL 99999              Levant  (Syria and Lebanon)

T 1 - T 10000                   Indo-China



Table 10a


VG       7th M.R.  (Bourg-en-Bresse)

VJ        9th M.R.  (Chateauroux)

VM     12th M.R.  (Limoges)

VN      13th M.R.  (Clermont-Ferrand)

VO      14th M.R.  (Lyon)


VP       15th M.R.  (Marseille)

VR       16th M.R.  (Montpellier)

VS       17th M.R.  (Toulouse)

VT       18th M.R.  (Bordeaux)

VU      Algeria and Morocco

VY       Tunisia

VZ       Levant  (Syria and Lebanon)


Table 10b


1      Renault

2      Citroën

3      Peugeot

4      Berliet


5      Panhard

6      Latil

7      Saurer

8      Rochet

10    Matford

15    others



Table 11


     1Jan55      60        65       70        75       80        85       90        95 Dec00

01         BA     DT      GY      MD QA QF     QZ      RV      SY       VA   WN

02         CE     FL       KD     PX QA QR      RK      SF       TE       VE    WK

03         BG     EA      GW     LK QA QC      QQ      RD      RV      SK     TG

04         S        AN      BQ      CY      EP       GT      KJLK   LP       LX   MH

05         P        AJ       BE      CD      DL      FF       HH JX JY       KE    KN

06         CP     GU      NW RA RN     SM     TU      VG      XA  YW * AMP

07         AH    CD      EF       HA LG LG      LT       MF     MW    NM   PG

08         AT     CL       EJ       GX      LF QA QA       QK     QW     RG    RW

09         T        AS       BT      DA      ET FA  FE       FL       FS       GA    GK

10         AU    CQ      EM     HC LG LG      LS       MC     MP     NC    NT

11         AU    CU      FA      HV MA MA    ML     MX    NL      PB     PW

12         AR     CW     FA      HV LA  LC      LN      MA    ML     MZ   NQ

13  AA   AQ    BK      CM     DV      FR      HZ      LN      PL       SJ       XJ

14         CE     FK      KJ QA QB       QV      RR      SP       TR      VV      XJ

15         Y        BE       CJ       DZ      FX GA GF       GM    GV      HC     HL

16         BC     DP      GG     KV QA QB      QP      RC      RT      SK     TG

17         BY     FJ        KC QA QA      QT      RM     SH      TH      VK    WV

18         AY     CZ      FF       JG       ND QA QG     QU     RH      RY      SV

19         AK    CF       EC      GP      KP      PH QA QJ       QW     RH    RX


     1Jan55      60        65       70        75       80        85       90        95 Dec00

20         M      AE      BH      DB      FR  31Dec75 (GJ)

2A                                            05Jan76         BK      EE FC  FG      FR     GD

2B                                            05Jan76         BS       EW FN FV      GF     GT

21         BQ     EJ        HR      MZ QA QK     RD      RY      SX       TW    VZ

22         AW    DJ       GS      MH QA QH    RC      RW     SV       TS      VZ

23         Y        BB      CE      DQ      FK      HN      KW ML MM  MT    NC

24         BF     EC       HA     LW QA QD     QT      RK      SB       SX     TX

25         BN     EN      JK       PP QA QU       RT      ST       TZ      WD  XM

26         BD     DW     HA     ME QA QF      QY      RT      SQ       TQ     VY

27         BP     EP       JE       NV QA QN      RH      SG      TJ       VP     XC

28         AZ     DK      GC      KQ PY PY      QN      RE      RZ      SX      VB

29         BR     FC       KW QA QF     RD      SE       TJ       VR      XB     YT

30         BP     ET       JL       PG QA QP       RJ       SH      TL       VS       XJ

31         CU     HN      PU QF QZ      RZ      TF       US      WN  YM *  ALP

32         AH    CE       EC      GM JZ JZ       KH      KR      LB       LL      LZ

33    Q   AC     AS       BL      CK      DR      FE       GZ      JX       MA    PV

34         BT     FD      KM QA QC     QW     RV      TB      VL       XC  ZE *

35         BQ     EY       KU QA QF      RB      SC       TG      VQ      XG ZG *

36         AP     CJ       EF       GU      KX     PL QA QH       QT      RE      RT

37         BD     EA      HN     NC QA QK      RC      RX      SW      TW   WC

38         DB     JD       QW SA ST       TV      VE       WV    YS * AGS   BKW



     1Jan55      60        65       70        75       80        85       90        95  Dec00


39         AQ    CJ       EJ       GW     LC QA QA      QL      RA      RM    SD

40         AJ      CB      EF       HG MA MA    MP      NC      NV      PM    QL

41         AT     CP       EX      JB       NB NG NS      PG      PX      QM     RJ

42         CF     GE      LM QA QF      RB      SA       TC      VH      WP     YF

43         AA    BJ       CS       EN      GW HA HG     HR      JB       JM     KB

44         CP     GN      MX QA QP     RR      TA       UN     WR    YP * AMY

45         BN     EP       JE       PG QA QR      RM     SK      TL       VR      XJ

46         AA    BL       CZ      EU      GY HB HH      HQ     HZ      JH       JT

47         AX    DK      GC      KN      PQ QA QL       RA      RP       SF      TB

48         L        AB      AR      BK      CH      DM     EW GA GA     GE     GK

49         BQ     EY       JZ QA QB       QV      RS       SR       TX      WB    XT

50         BH     EA      HG     MT QA QH     QZ      RT      SP       TL     VN

51         CD     FF       JZ QA QA       QT      RP       SL       TM     VP   ZY *

52         AH    BW     DL      FN      JD LG LJ         LS       MC     ML   MY

53         AF     BZ      DX     GQ      KX     PW QA QK     RA      RN      SF

54         CT     GW     MS QA QK     RG      SG       TK      VQ      WX   YM

55         AG    BT      DF      FD      HT      LU QA QA      QJ       QV     RG

56         AT     CX      FZ      LQ QA QF       RB      RY      SZ       VD    WR

57         CW    HQ      PB QT RF       SJ        TR      VA      XL      ZB * ANT

58         AL     CE       EA      GL      KK     PB QA QH      QT      RE       RS

59  AE   BA     CA      DF      EX      HD     KX      NV      RZ      WJ * AGP

60         CA     FJ        KK QA QC      QY      RY      TC      VN      XC     ZA

61         AU    DD      FU      KB      PG QA QL       RA      RQ      SG      TC

62  EA   EC     ER       FH      GG      HN     KC      LV      NS       QS      TG

63         BX     FP       KG QA QA     QT      RP       SL       TK      VM   WV

64         BE     ED      JB       PD QA QP       RK       SG      TH      VK    WV

65         AE     BP       DK     FR       JL       MY QA QE     QR      RB     RQ

66         AH    BY      DX     GK      KL      PV QA QN      RD      RT      SQ

67         CE     GA      LT QA QH      RF      SJ        TQ      WB     XP   ZP *

68         BQ     EM     HU     NF QA QP       RL       SL       TQ      VV      XJ

69   U    AH    BC      CD      DS       FP       HV      LJ       PC       SC      XA

70         AH    BX      DP      FV JU  JU       KE      KQ     LC       LQ    MG

71         BX     FK      KH QA QB      QU     RQ      SM     TN      VQ    WY

72         BH     EE       HP      MZ QA QK     RD      RZ      SX       TW    WB

73         AS     CQ      EV      HT      MR QA QH     QX     RP       SH      TH

74         BB     DJ       GD     LA QA QE       RA      RZ      TD      VH    WY


     1Jan55      60        65       70        75       80        85       90        95  Dec00


75   A    DN    JN       QW     WA  * AHB   CWL   FET    HRR   LCQ NLR

76  EF   EG     EW      FQ      GP      HW     KL      MC     NZ      QZ      TH

77         CN     GT      NJ QP RD       SJ        UA      XA     ZK  *  AXV CJT

78  AF   BF     DE      FV      HR      KP      NE      RG      VV      ZQ * BVE

79         AW    DF      FW     KJ       PS QA QM      RA      RR      SJ        TG

80         CA     EZ       JK       NV QA QM     RF       RY      SW      TR     VW

81         BB     DN      GA     KF PA  PA      PN      QB      QR      RH       SC

82         AB     BR      DL      FR GS  GV      HD      HN     HY      JJ         JY

83         BP     EU      KL QA QD      QZ      SA       TJ       VY   XT *  ABM

84         BN     EL       JB       NQ QA QL      RF       SC       TD      VG      WS

85         AR     CS       FL       KK QA QB      QU      RN      SK       TL      VX

86         AV     DD      FX      KP QA QA      QP      RD      RW     SP       TN

87         AV     CY      FK      JS        NT QA QJ       QX     RM     SC        SZ

88         BD     DL      FY      KE      PV QA QN      RC      RT      SK      TH

89         AV     CY      FH      JN       NR PA PM      PZ      QR      RG       SC

90         S        AN      BP      CZ EX EX       FD      FL       FV       GD      GP

91                     03May65        MK QA RL     TP       XZ  *  AFL  BKW CWB

92                     01Feb67  A     AW     EH      HX      MW    TH * AAM CQB

93                     20Feb67  A     AL      CW     FT       JR       MT     RX     WF

94                     01Oct65  A     AW      CY       FJ        JF       MG     QD     TQ

95                     03May65        LN QA RC       TH      XT  *  ADX    BKJ CTN


           D       DA      DA     DA      DA     DB      DB      DE  31Dec91

           D       DA      DA     DB      DE      DF      DG     DJ   31Dec91





NA        letters being issued on 1st January each quinquennium (except

QA           point at which 4 numeric serial numbers started                     2000)

TA          highest issue from more than one issuing office

31Dec75  date of first or last issue


*            for dates of first three letter issues, see paragraph (u) above.


            Central Administration:  serials 10001-29999

            Other Administrations:  serials 30001-99999

              (DC reserved for Government vehicles DD not issued)