License Plates Collectors Associations in the World

Most collectors join ALPCA and/or Europlate. ALPCA is the largest association, with thousands of collectors, mostly American and interested in North American plates. Europlate has a few hundreds members in the world, interested in collecting plates and understanding World registration rules.

In different locations, smaller clubs are created, such as De Nummerplaat, NILPS, and of course us, … to allow meetings and trades between collectors, in the USA, Belgium, Germany, France and Australia for instance.

Finally, the Internet is an easy way to directly communicate with other collectors, through Facebook groups, Forums (the FDPI in France), or to buy plates through on-line auctions (

EUROPLATE : European Registration Plate Association

- Subscription 
- 4 newsletters a year, with precise information, pictures and very few classifieds. Europlate has published RPW4, the reference book about World plates !
- Web site :

- A Convention is organized every 2 years in Europe

In Great Britain : Antonio Barragan

ALPCA : Automobile License Plate Collectors Association

- Subscription 
- The largest association in the World
- 6 newsletters a year, mostly related to North American plates, many classified.
- One Convention per year, in the USA. The next one in Denver, Colorado, July 2000.

- On the Web: : Very precise archives for the members

In the USA : Gary Brent Kincade ALPCA Membership Secretary - P.O. Box 7 - Horner WV 26372


- No subscription, publication on this site.
- Annual Convention

In France : See also :

How to contact us !

NPCC : Number Plate Collectors Club of Australia

- Subscription 
- 4 newsletters a year, mostly on Australian and Pacific plates
- One annual convention in Australia or in the USA

In Australia :
Geoff Knox
P.O. Box 251
Roseville, N.S.W. 2069

- 6 Newsletters a year (US$ 20), free sample on demand
- Web site :

In the USA :

Drew Steitz - P.O. Box 222
East Texas, PA 18046-0222

NILPS : Nevada International License Plate Society

- Subscription
- 4 newsletters a year
- Convention in March near Las Vegas
- Web site :

And also in the USA : Michigan License Plate Association (Roy Kress 3306 Wood Valley Drive, Flushing MI 48433 - MAPA Mid America Plate Assoc. (Les Okunowski, 8218 North Ozark, Niles IL 60714), Dairyland License Plate Collectors Club (Dale Brigger 2837 East Dale Avenue, Cudahy WI 53110), Carolina Collectors Club (Richard Fawcett, PO 16556 Asheville NC 28816), Utah License Plate Collectors Assoc. (Alan Aitken, 3859 South 3700 West, West Alley City, Utah 84120). Also see Joe Sallmen website.

In the USA :

John Peterson, Treasurer
612 East Essex Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89107

De Nummerplaat

- Subscription 
- 4 newsletters a year, in Netherlands and English
- Several meets a year
- Web site :

In the Netherlands :

Frans de Been
Tulpenlaan 12 4904 Cd Oosterhout
The Netherlands 

TPT : De Taksplaat - La Plaque de Taxe

- Subscription 
- Several meets a year, often near Antwerpen. Many pictures from Louis Fierens collection in Wijnegem on our site
- no website

In Belgium :
contact Dirk Muyldermans :
AKS : Autokennzeichen-Sammler

- Subscription 
- 4 newsletters a year
- Several meets a year in Germany

In Germany :
Gerhard Hunger
Lauenburger Allee N°49
D-47269 Duisburg
AISTA : Associazione Italiana Studio TargheAutomobilistiche

- Subsription
- Newsletter

In Italy : Marcello Gallina Pignolo 3 13035 LENTA (VC)

ACPLA : Asociacion de Coleccionistas de Placas de Latinoamerica
Au Mexique et en Amérique Latine