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No problem if you don't speak french. We are ready for plate trades, collecting and providing information, ... We are specifically interested in publishing your historical plate pictures.

Why not become a Francoplaque member ? At first, read and accept the association status and rules, then sign our charter of being Francoplaque member. You can either email the image of your document to or send to the association address (c/o Jean-Emmanuel Chevry, Appt 10 Résidence Les Treilles, 210 bis , avenue Colonel Teyssier  81000 ALBI, France). Then, you'll get your membership number and the list of (more than 150) active members. You can participate to all our activities (conventions, meets, Francoplaque Facebook group, ...) and to our auctions in order to finance the association.

Several Francoplaque members are active on other Facebook groups

Vincent Moens (F) (75, Francoplaque #1 First President) - Bernt Larsson (Spain, F28)
Plates from Argentina

Jean-Emmanuel Chevry (webmaster, FRANCOPLAQUE # 70 and ¨President)
Plates : Luxembourg, France 1941, Netherlands, Lithuania, Austria, Malta, USA

Thierry Godefroy - Andy Bernstein (NY Francoplaque #35) - Vincent Isambert (F#25) - Bruno Vernhes (F#23 and Treasurer)
Plates are from : Monaco, France, Maine USA (1914), Switzerland, Texas 1932


Xavier Hadjadj (NJ, F#38) - Vincent Moens (F#1) - Bruno Vernhes (F#23)
Plates are from : Yemen - Bhutan (Royal family) - Koror