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Francoplaque has welcomed collectors from 20 countries for the Europlate 2010 Paris Convention during the Easter week-end.
 Thanks to all contributors and participants. The dinner and the Paris visits are excellent souvenirs for everyone !                                                      
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  • May 22, 2005 Francoplaque Convention in Domaine de Fontjouan, Mur de Sologne (Loire Valley). The largest plate meet ever in France, with 40 members of Francoplaque and SFPI (and even 48 with the kids !). Ererybody enjoyed the meet, and Olivier and Cendrine Stempfler won the 2005 display with a display of US plates related to kids.
  • De Numerplaat meeting in Bakel, the  Netherlands, on september 12, 2004
  • Automédon 2004, on october 16 and 17 at "Le Bourget", with Francoplaque
  • 2004 Francoplaque Convention on June 12, near Caen, Normandy. Thanks to Fabrice Couasnon who organized the Convention and won the best display. Click on a picture to the see other ones.

Fabrice Couasnon

  • Europlate European Convention, Easter 2004 in Cardiff,  with ...5 Francoplaque honored. JE Chevry for his Soviet  Mission plate, Thierry Baudin for his Bosnian display, Bernt Larsson for the British Honduras display, Victor Brumby as best photographer and Neil Parker for most  articles of RPW4. 

  • Francoplaque Convention on nov. 22, in Sannois, with 9 members and families. Jean-Emmanuel Chevry won the 2003 best display with his plate run of Forces in Europe. 

  • De Nummerplaat (NL) meet in Bakel Netherlands on september 14, 2003 with Francoplaque participation 



  • On february 1,  2003, meet in Drancy north of Paris, with Jean-Guy, Philippe, Claude,  Patrick, Vincent, Bruno, Thierry and Jean-Emmanuel
  • On november 9, 2002, Francoplaque annual Convention in Sannois, with 13 members.  
  • Thierry Baudin won the 2002 best display with a great run from Bosnia.


  • June 15 in the Chevy Bar in Drancy, with Marc Michel et Philippe Bellonde.
  • Easter 2002 in Heidelberg, Germany :  Europlate Convention, with 120 persons, where Francoplaque members won several prizes
  • June 9, 2001 Picnic meet in Sannois, with Yves Laussucq, Bruno Vernhes, Vincent Moens, Thierry Baudin, Jean-Emmanuel Chevry, and also Jean-Guy Penchenat and Jean-Philippe Carel (17 persons)
  • First Francoplaque meet in the USA : April 11, 2001 in New York City, 
    with Jean-Guy Penchenat, Andy Bernstein and Jean-Emmanuel Chevry